Makin It Look Easy

Whattup peoples?

I hope everyone out there is soaking up the feelings of holiday cheer out there. You know, I can get used to curling up with a good magazine while sipping on a stein of mulled wine when the temperatures get this nippy. Yes, I guess I can be “sorta classy” from time to time.


Or maybe I just like to drink.

Even though I’m making the most of the season, there is still a twinge in the back of my mind that demands that I continue to write. It’s more like that overbearing high school gym coach. You know, the guy kind of guy that shouts “Boyce! No pages today? You’re dogging it. Double time!”

I’m not sure why I do this. Maybe because I’ve written so much that when I don’t I feel lazy. Or maybe I know there’s  a million ways I can improve my craft and I won’t get to do that by sitting on my bum. (Though when I write I’m still on my bum…you get the point)

In many ways, creative people are like athletes. We train and train (write and write, perform and perform) so we can be the best we can be. Then when someone says, “Hey, I liked what you did.” We can be all self-deprecating and say, “Oh gosh. Thank you sooooooo much.”

Or if you’re literally an athlete you can say cliches like: “We take it one day at a time. We give one hundred percent. At the end of the day, we wanted it more.”

Sure natural talent exists, but practice makes perfect. Do you remember singer Susan Boyle?

Natural talent in spades. Boyle, who recently came forward about her Asperger’s Syndrome Diagnosis. This, coupled with the fact that she has someone that gives her directions while performing, shows that she’s a work in progress. The result?:

So yeah. Keep at it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make it look easy.


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