Life Changin’

Ever had a book change your life?

I have! Even though I’m a writer of fiction, it always seems to be the non-fiction books that resonates with me the most. Go figure, right? This is not to say fiction tales don’t have merit, but rather this writer is partial to “the real.”

One of my favorite books of all time is Karen Salmansohn’s, “How To Be Happy, Dammit!”

It speaks to me..
It speaks to me…

I picked up this little number in a book store almost ten years ago because it had the word “cynic” in the subtitle. This was major, because I’ve considered myself a cynic for the better part of three decades, I felt like the small super brightly colored book was calling to me. However, it did a pretty good job of putting life into perspective. Like most great books, I loaned it out and have yet to see it return, but that’s usually the first book I recommend to people who are at a crossroads in their life.

What about the One Minute Billionaire?
What about the One Minute Billionaire?

I was only a teenager when my father gave me this book to read. By this time my dad had gone from an electrician craftsman to a supervisor role at this company, and had a whole new slew of responsibilities.  The “One Minute Manager” was more or less his “bible.” The great thing about this book is (as the cover implies) you can apply it to a myriad of things. I read it when I was a resident advisor (assistant) in college, I read it as a co-host and producer of our own podcast, and I read it for fun to this day. I even recommended it to my own manager at the office. It was a bold move I know, but I can report that it DID NOT backfire and I still have a job!

So let me ask you. What books have changed YOUR life?

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