Mind On The Road

Today’s title comes from the song of the same name:

This past weekend I had the opportunity to hop on a flight to New York City. While I enjoyed my trip,  I  now understand why long distance flights takes years off of your life. Between the rushing to make sure you’re there on time, all the way to seeing if the flight lost your luggage or not, there’s literally dozens of things to worry about.

On this past flight (which takes anywhere between 5 and 6 hours each direction) I had a LOT of time to myself to think.  I understand why every comedian from the ’90s had a routine about air travel. When you are by yourself for any long period of time and essentially not going anywhere, your mind starts to “roam like a cell phone” in an attempt to entertain. For the record, I didn’t carry my tablet, nor purchase the in flight Internet. Plus, my music player was packed away. I did watch some of the in-flight entertainment, but that only covered about half my flight.

Much like how I said in a previous entry that driving really clears your head, in the instance of flying, even the “driving” has been taken care of. If you allow it, you can really see what creative sparks are going off in your brain when you aren’t thinking about  work or the chores that have to be done around the house.

Okay great. Which way is the overpriced Airport grub?
Okay great. Which way is the overpriced Airport grub?

My flight was actually enjoyable, despite the cramped quarters. Flying back to Los Angeles during a blue sky afternoon was a nice sight to see.

For those wondering, I’ve come up with some ideas for the #Book5 project (my new novel), as well as took some time to reflect on a weekend that had me running on Flatbush Ave.

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