Just A Couple Of Shots

Hey everyone, it’s me!


A lot of things are going on in Flobo-Land, and I would just LOVVVVE to share them with you!


1) The New Novel. Though production has slowed, I’m still hard at work on the Book 5 project. I still want to have it available for your reading pleasure by sometime near the end of 2014. I would say that the crop of characters in this novel could be quite possibly my favorite. In the meantime, take a moment to catch the other books currently available by Yours Truly. What’s your favorite?


2) Though pending, I threw my hat in to the Universal Studios Emerging Writers Fellowship race. If admitted, I would get to work with entertainment industry professionals to develop my writing skills. It sounds like an fantastic opportunity so I jumped at the chance. Truthfully, I have terrible luck with things like these (and for that reason you should never invite me to Vegas), but I figure you have to be in it to win it. You have to be in it to lose it as well, but I’m not thinking about that part as much.


3) My running tour continues! After running in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Pasadena (twice), and Carson, there’s still two races left on my 2013 calendar: Brooklyn and Las Vegas. These last two are arguably the two races that mean the most to me. Brooklyn is a casual 10K race in Autumn that runs through my home town, and the Las Vegas Half Marathon is actually the first half marathon I ever ran. Even though I finished, I got all kinds of sick afterwards so I’m looking to prove myself in Sin City. This is why I’m a bit anxious for it and am planning to ramp up my training. Currently I’m looking to retire from competitive running (I know, cue the ESPN-like introspective video tribute), so assuming I conquer Vegas, I believe 2014 would be my “farewell tour.” Time will tell if this would be more like a Club Nouveau Farewell Tour or more like a Rolling Stones one, however.


4) Lastly over the summer, I completed my fourth feature length spec-screenplay. Called “Off The Pitch,” this entry was more of a sports comedy set in the world of American Soccer. I know, the jokes write themselves. Anyway, after the Book 5 project I plan on going under the hood to tweak it. Either that or completely bury it and work on the fifth screenplay. I can be finicky like that. They say write is to rewrite. For me, I’ll rewrite if I can make it better. If not, here comes the trash chute. Like many authors, I’m my own worst enemy.


I accept this.


Until next week!



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