Free Sample: Shipwrecked


This entry comes from the Mass Transit Collection. Enjoy!


She was told the expedition was foolhardy

That could not deter

The desire to escape from her village

She set off a course

With no exact return date

To see the world

And everything in it

She wasn’t alone for long

Meeting many with a similar drive

Some sort of treasure

Some sort of prize

It was their common ground

They ventured west

A new life beyond the horizon

The days became months

As confidence started to falter

Most yearned to return home

Only some had to courage to do so

She could not retreat

Her home was an enclave to the rest of the world

She pressed on

She lives now in a land far away

The cause temporary

Her life is not the one she pictured

But it is better than some

It is better than none

The sense of adventure will return again

Though harder to extract in old age.

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