Meetin’ Up!

Hey yo, Flobo here!

Now I’ve talked about the relationship between sports and writing before, but I wanted to touch upon another dimension of being a sports spectator. This past Sunday I visited the Los Angeles based Mets Meet-Up, a place for Tri-state area ex-pats to come together watch the New York Mets play.

Pictured: My backyard
Pictured: My backyard

Fun people, fun beer, and fun times were had by all. I got to thinking that watching the game like this is pretty high up on my list of experiencing this and any kind of sport. Sure nothing beats actually being there, but I would take that over watching the game on my computer or cell- phone. (For the record, the game was eventually postponed due to inclement weather)..

The Mets Meet-Up isn’t  my only sports group, actually. I also run with the Hollywood MCFC, even though my work schedule hinders my attendance. We meet up to watch the British Premier League Manchester City play (at all hours of the day) . I know for a fact that the Hollywood Blues are a lot more enjoyable than trying to catch the game at work. Believe me, I tried…

But why? Is it that you are with a bunch of people that follow the same team you do? Well, that’s part of it. I offer though that the aspect of being out of market (and thus being more of a minority) helps with the group meet up “atmosphere.” People are tribal by nature, and having a smaller but vocal contrarian allegiance seems more  attractive. For example, I’ve been in SoCal for over five years. A lot of times I’ve started a conversation with someone just because they were wearing a Mets hat or T-shirt.

I had to catch myself when I tried pulling that crap in New York.

Writing takes this concept and runs with it. People are Twi-hards, or their not (Or Team Edward or Team Jacob). They are Gryffindor or Slytherin (Although I’m not sure why, as Ravenclaw is obviously the best). Having a conflicting philosophy (or team if you will) of equal strength can actually drum up interest, playing to people’s competitive and social nature.

As for meet ups, I would love to see a reality show or documentary that follows around different meet-ups around the country. I would watch. I mean come on? Boston Red Sox fans in San Diego? Chese Heads in Alaska? Miami Heat fans living in balmy Norway?


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