End of The Year “Awards”

Hey everyone, Flobo here. Can you believe that 2012 is almost over? Well I can’t. No seriously, I can’t.

Anyway, I’d thought I share with you the winners of my own personal (meaningless) “awards”, given to the best of 2012. Of course these are all totally my opinion, but you already knew that being on a blog in the first place. So without any further ado.

Favorite Book Of The Year

But of Course!

Never have I found an appreciation for Kant then after this book. It took my love of The Green Lantern and offered up a good entry point in the realm of philosophy.  Now I vow not to be like those other people who read a single book on philosophy and claim to know it all, but it felt good to read something that could be appreciated on two levels: The comic book entertainment, and the academic.

Favorite Movie (In Theaters)

I ain't got time to smile...
I ain’t got time to smile…

It’s very rare that I go to the movies (full stop! ha ha) and felt that I needed to own the DVD/Blu-Ray some twenty minutes into the flick. End of Watch was one of those movies. Sure there’s your action and stock movie procedural elements, but the camaraderie of the leads really sells this film. It also doesn’t hurt that two out of my three celebrity crushes played the love interests (All it needed was Paula Patton for the trifecta). Currently this movie sits on my Amazon queue for purchase when it becomes available.

Favorite Movie (On Video)

I wonder what the Captain Mexico poster would look like?
I wonder what the Captain Mexico poster would look like?

Captain America: The First Avenger sat in my Netflix queue for months. MONTHS. People told me I should watch it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I like Iron Man, but there’s not too many Marvel movies I like. So one rainy afternoon, I finally start the movie for what I like to call the “20 Minute Challenge”. [If the film doesn’t keep my interest after the first twenty minutes, it’s an automatic dump.] Well I was pleasantly surprised with Captain America. Sure the third act is kind of weak, but the first hour was thoroughly entertaining. Check it out if you got the two hours to burn.

Favorite Moment:

Allow me to toot my horn a little bit here. Hands down, as an author my favorite moment was being able to release two books this calendar year.

High Desert Run

High Desert Run was my first novel. Released back in January, this neo-western has done me proud as a passion project. Learn more about it by clicking HERE


Then in the fall I released my final collection of short stories. “The Indelible Silverstreek” contains seven brand new short stories. The title tale is my first work in the superhero sub-genre. Learn more about it by clicking HERE.

Favorite Bucket List Cross Off:

For as long as I lived in Southern California or SoCal, everyone has told me it pales in comparison to Northern California or NorCal. Apparently there’s this NorCal Vs. SoCal “feud” that this Brooklynite finds completely odd but entertaining. So after having going up north on my Bucket List for two years, I actually got around to doing it. Sure it was cold, and I was recovering from the stomach flu, buuuuuut it was still good times. See?

I think in England, they call that "mostly sunny".
I think in England they call this “mostly sunny”.

Well there you have. The first (annual?) End Of The Year Awards. What do you think? Comment below.



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