Silverstreek Lands In Stores!

Hey everyone, Flobo here!

Well, here it is! Two to three months ahead of schedule, I present to you, my latest literary work, The Indelible Silverstreek!

It is my third (and final) collection of short stories and my fourth book overall. Check out the tracklisting table of contents:

1. Tortuga Key: A Florida Getaway*

2. Charlie’s Car Wash

3. Meet the Parent

4. Coney Island

5. The Thing About Lady Luck

6. Santiago and the City

7. The Indelible Silverstreek

8. Legacy*

9. Progeny*

10. Lineage

* Denotes previously published.

Because I concluded the “Legacy Saga” with Lineage and furthered the adventures of Tortuga Key resident Manny Skye, “Legacy”, “Progeny”, and “Tortuga Key: A Florida Getaway” (featured within the pages of the books “By The Ounce and Other Tales” and “Mass Transit“) are included as a bonus!

Consider it my greatest hits! I mean, you don’t HAVE to, but it would be nice if you would! :-]
The Indelible Silverstreek contains multiple genres. From the “superhero” genre of the title tale, to the noir world of “Santiago and the City” straight to the feel good urban fable of “Charlie’s Car Wash”, this volume truly has something for everyone.

If you were ever on the fence about checking out my work, now is the time to do so. You get some of my old stuff, a truckload of some of my new stuff, and it won’t set you back more than a couple of bucks. Win-Win!

Again, I cannot be more excited. Check it out, and tell a friend!


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