Hey, that’s an apostrophe in the title, I’m being sassy!

Flobo here, and today I want to talk about traveling in regards to helping your craft.

I call shotgun, but don’t make me navigate.

I’ve talked about listening to certain kinds of music to get yourself “in the mood” to write. Hands down, it works. Or at least, it is worth a shot. Sometimes though, you may find that music alone isn’t enough. If you are in a bit of rut, you may find music can help, but it isn’t nearly as effective. For example, let’s say you get up and work ten hours in an office. Then you come home, make dinner for the kids and jump into bed to do it all again the next day. While I wouldn’t doubt your creativity, it may be next to impossible to catch that “spark” for a new idea. I am a firm believer of what’s known as the “writer’s retreat”. Just you, your laptop and a destination of your choosing. But I offer that you take it one step further.


I am in the (some say enviable) position in that I have many different types of jobs I perform during the week. It kind of goes with the territory when you are a freelancer. On a shoot this weekend in Las Vegas, I was working but I also got the opportunity to acquire new experiences that can fuel a potential story in the future. Now, I am not on the Las Vegas tourism board (so I’m not trying to push you either way) but a destination vacation can do wonders. Even if it is a day trip or a weekend getaway.


OK, using the same example as before, if you have that long grinding job and the kids that may prove difficult. For that, I say you can get away with doing familiar things with different “vibes”. What do I mean? Well, instead of checking out the local professional baseball team in the bleachers with the family, how about getting the VIP package at a minor league/or semi-pro team? A Sunday drive may yield a different experience if you do it in a rental car. A picnic on a secluded beach may kick-start inspiration in ways lunch at a diner cannot.

When I was younger, I used to bring a pocket radio with me and listened  to music on top of my roof in a lawn chair. I found this more enjoyable than listening to music in front of my stereo.

It’s the Cadillac of Lawn Chairs…

I was SOOOO COOOL! You agree? Whaddya mean, no?

Once you see your world differently, you can do so for your fictional worlds!



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