Wish Us Luck!

Coming to a town near you!

This weekend I, (dba Leatherback Labs) as well as my partners in crime ScrawnyStrange Productions and 619 Villain Productions are heading to San Diego put our bid in their leg of the 48 Hour Film Project. The down and dirty is this: Our team is going to have only two days to make a short film using elements the 48 Hour Film Project provides. It’s going to be fast and furious, and it’s my first ever 48 Hour Film Project I’m going to be working on in a writing capacity.

As such, this guy is going to be off the grid for the next couple of days. I did a “test run” last week, writing up an 8-page script made up of sample elements to make sure the skills are sharp. Here’s hoping I bring the A-game especially now that there’s real pressure. Most of the team has worked together before, so hopefully some of the chemistry will be built in.

See you guys on the other side,



48 Hour Filmmaker: San Diego 2012


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