GUEST BLOG: Agenta Emme takes over!

Hi everybody! (Hi Dr. Flobo!) Flobo here, and I want to say that relaunching my website (and eventually merging it with my blog) has been nothing but a positive experience. For too long I felt that all of my online homes were scattered about, but now there’s one e-destination like an all-inclusive resort (Floboland?) Anyway, while this week I’m taking off to create even more writing content to add to my blogtastic theme park, I’ve asked my friend, fellow global citizen and lover-of-life Emme if she could stop by and be the main attraction for a while. After reading her words o’ wisdom, be sure to check out her blog HERE.

When I was asked by my good friend Flobo to hijack his blog for a day I was mystified… what would a secret agent like me have to say that would bring anything to the table? He is and always has been a wonderful storyteller and a wonderful writer… published no less. Nevertheless, it is always fun to stretch one’s brain to figure out what someone would like for you to say when they ask for a guest post on their site. As you know, Flobo often talks about the writing process and various lessons that can be learned from films, books, etc.

Let me just say, I have tried the whole writing thing. It always seems so bumbled through and I eventually get so frustrated with the characters themselves and trying to make everything perfect and making sense that I just put it aside to work on “later.” It seems that there is only one character and story line that I know by heart and that is my own. Through my blog I am able to tell the adventures the more awkward side of me, Secret Agenta Emme. While I may not go on nearly as many misadventures as I used to/would like to, the target goals remain the same:

1) Enjoy where you are
2) Explore/Learn what you can
3) Don’t be afraid to try something new

Those may seem like simple goals; however, what would you do when faced with the option to try ants in Australia or Wild Boar in Italy… If it is a once in a lifetime chance, why are you passing it up? Test your physical limits as well. Hike for miles to see a volcano covered in clouds (yes, it does look just like clouds), almost get arrested in Spain for taking a picture with flash (yes, it was a national treasure), almost drowned while attempting to kayak in the Pacific and of course… do not forget to try out: sun poisoning, food poisoning, broken bones, etc. These things are unforgettable and entirely laughable after the fact.

You don’t have to take this approach only while traveling. Try to be a tourist in your hometown as well. Tackle what is easily available to you. The random vintage train track with only a dining car that travels to nowhere and back? The diner that only has room for 12 patrons? That little hole in the wall restaurant that does not look so exciting? Local foods you know nothing about? While my husband and I are most known throughout our circles as the ones who travel as often as possible (13 countries and counting), when we are home we do not stop exploring. These experiences are what I write about and what I strive to do more of.

Forget about what other people want to hear and write what you know. Give yourself a challenge to explore, to learn something new, to go out and conquer the world… whatever it is that you want to do. The world is open… go out and experience something today.


Emme is an eclectic individual who finds it really awkward to describe herself and talk about herself in third person. She uses the world as her accountability partner as she works through her goals. When she is not working, traveling or crafting, she loves to try new things and review them. (

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