It’s Just Like Childbirth

Hey everyone, Flobo here!

After over a year of writing, rewriting, giving up, getting back on the horse, and writing again, my third book (and first novel) is on sale today. It’s called “High Desert Run: A Neo Western”

High Desert Run

The experience has a been a painful one, and I mean that in the most positive way.  This past December I ran my very first half marathon. There was nothing but thirteen miles ahead of me and my own will at my disposal. Crossing the finish line I told myself that I would never do such a silly thing ever again. My feet were sore, I was shivering due to the cold temperatures mixed with sweat, and then I had to walk back a mile or so to my hotel room. However, after a couple of days, I had this weird urge to do it again. I’ve been told running marathons (and half-marathons) are like childbirth in that some ways you get “addicted” to the pain. Well, writing and publishing my work feels just like running so writing….

Is just like childbirth! (Twisted logic, right?)

This is my first “Kindle Exclusive” book and it is essentially an experiment. My other works (also available at were more of the “traditional self-publishing route” where I went through a Print-On-Demand service and actually had physical copies in my hand. There were obviously some positives, but also enough negatives for me to try new techniques. Who knows? For the next book, I’ll probably project the words on the Goodyear blimp if it would get people to read them. I know, I’m crazy that way.

After submitting the manuscript, I was ready to give up on writing and grab a mojito at the nearest beach bar. This morning however, that all changed. Seeing something new available for purchase on Amazon (after a two year publishing hiatus) with my name on it, was something to see. The creative side of my brain started working double time to search for that “next” story; that next novel I can put up there. In essence, I had crossed the finish line and now I was looking for my next race. I had just given birth and now I wanted a new kid to play with the other kid.

Will millions of people buy my book? No, although that would be pretty awesome if they did. In fact, if I got two hundred people strictly on the Kindle-verse to check it out I would be ecstatic. It would prove I’m not some artist creating works in a void. In the meantime though, I’ll still post writing craft-related things here at Check them out, and if you’re feeling adventurous maybe you’ll pick up one of the books I have on sale.

Just Maybe,


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