High Desert Run: The Soundtrack

Flobo here!

2012 is shaping up to be a productive year for my writing efforts, capped off by my debut novel slated for release, “High Desert Run: A Neo Western”

A Neo-Western takes conventional western tropes and gives them a modern spin and “HDR” is no different. When I’m writing, I usually listen to music to get me in the mood of the world I’m trying to create. For example, I usually listen to New Age music when I’m writing my poetry or lyrical heavy-beat hip-hop (think Eminem) when I’m writing my crime stories. Well, just for the sake of doing so, below I have listed the songs that would appear on the book’s “virtual soundtrack”. Enjoy.


1. “How You Like Me Now” and “Short Change Hero” by The Heavy
2. “Spanish Sahara” by Foals
3. “Poster Princess” by Jet Black Stare
4. “Sam Hall” by Johnny Cash
5. “Driving With the Top Down” from the Iron Man Soundtrack
6. “Into The Night” by Carlos Santana


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