F.Flobo Boyce is making a name for himself with his unique and engaging storytelling style. His collection is available at amazon.com, as well as other retailers and e-tailers worldwide.

By The Ounce And Other Tales

“Extraordinary people doing extraordinary things”, is what “By The Ounce: And Other Tales” has in spades. In this collection of short stories, newcomer F. Flobo Boyce runs the gamut of adventures and the characters that make them legendary. Discover the life and times of Dr. Melody Livingston, as she unearths the story of a previously undiscovered pre-Columbian tribe in “Legacy”. Laugh along with the sarcastic Steven Decker, as he and the local Public Safety staff attempt to protect a small island community against an oncoming hurricane in “Tortuga Key: A Florida Getaway.” Marvel along with the unlucky-at-love Perry Waterhouse, as he meets a mysterious stranger who sells a “foolproof” aphrodisiac “By The Ounce”.Though the short stories are charming, the included book of poetry is the true bonus for fans of the spoken word. Across forty pieces,Boyce mingles life, emotions, and fondness for far-off destinations with an unrivaled passion.”By The Ounce: And Other Tales” is collection that has something for everyone.



Mass TransitMass Transit

Like how a city is home to the stories of its denizens, the collection “Mass Transit” is home to the stories of the characters that dwell within its pages. There’s Douglas Gerrard, a man who confronts his past in the crime drama “Manhattanhenge”, or the skittish Adam Colby, who has an unusual way of handling his problems in the comedy “The Groomsman.” The resourceful Dr. Melody Livingston gets more than she bargained for when she accepts an archeological assignment in the adventure entitled “Progeny”, and charismatic Maxwell Sullivan learns the power of teamwork in “Negotiations”. Author F. Flobo Boyce explores his fascination with family dynamics and urban settings throughout the tales of “Mass Transit”. All aboard!



High Desert Run High Desert Run: A Neo Western

Welcome to Silverside. It’s a town populated by guns, outlaws, fast cars, and women of the night. To mild-mannered Angeleno Jethro Nabers, it was only supposed to be a pit-stop on the way to a Las Vegas business trip. However due to circumstances beyond his control, “Jett” is stranded in one of the most treacherous cities not on any map. Miles from home and at his wits’ end, it’s going to take more than middle-management experience to get out of Silverside alive.


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