Ringside Comedy



Ringside Comedy, we hardly knew ye.


One of the biggest comedy shows in the Southland finished up its run this past November. The whole thing was a wild ride, and it started by pure dumb luck.  Ringside Comedy brought some of the biggest comics to the stage in Hollywood and eventually Flappers Comedy in Burbank.  As the saying goes, “all good things” and all that. Hell, we even gave away a championship trophy!

My favorite posters (in order): Ringsides 6, 15,  (tossup) 11,  and 1.

In all we went fifteen “rounds” of this boxing themed comedy show? Why was it boxing themed? (Well, you weren’t asking but I’m pretending you did so I can write the definition here so I won’t forget). The original (now defunct) venue was an old theater in Hollywood called the Neon Venus. The stage was elevated and made of questionable wood build quality. The back rooms were rusted and had minimal overhead lighting. There were layers of paint caked on the fixtures in the front of the house. The whole thing reminded me of those old boxing gyms that are popular on the east coast.

All in all, I wouldn’t change the experience for anything in the world.


Ringside Comedy 2015 – 2016: A True Champ.

Ringside Comedy is proudly presented by First&Palm.

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