100 Facts About Yours Truly

Hey everyone, Flobo here!

I like to consider myself a bit of a polymath. There’s nothing wrong with being a new-aged renaissance man, right? Even though this particular blog is more about my writings and muses, I hope that the folks that read my little corner of the web get to know more about me. You know, to prove that I’m a real person and all.

Below is a list of a hundred facts about yours truly. It originally appeared in my last  (now defunct)blog, and I want to share them with you. So without further ado:


1. My favorite ice cream flavor as a kid was Strawberry.
2. I only eat cream when celebrating my birthday. Soda too.
3. My favorite color is Aqua Blue
4. I wear a size 14 sneaker and a size 13 Bowling shoe.
5. If I lived in a rural town the job I would most likely be content with is delivery boy.
6. I do keep a typed up version of my “Bucket List”.
7. People who don’t like pickles or tomatoes lose cool points with me.
8. Vegans are cool. Holier-than-thou Vegans I could do without.
9. My favorite Mario Kart character has traditionally been Luigi.
10. The longest crush I had on someone before telling them was eight months
11. The longest crush I had without telling them was eighteen months.
12. I get crushes all the time and they usually last a week. I’ve only had “big” crushes four times in my life.
13. I wanted to join the Airforce when I was in High School. Part of me still does. At least the reserves.
14. I prefer the toilet paper “under” as opposed to “over”.
15. I think less of people who would rather run their cars on empty.
16. Thinks Valentine’s Day is a great holiday and people who don’t like it are just bitter.
17. Xmas is my favorite holiday, and Thanksgiving my least favorite.
18. I taught myself to swim.
19. I taught myself how to use a computer.
20. Deep down inside I wish I was bilingual.
21. I almost never use the “L” word.
22. “Men In Black” was the movie that made me want to make movies.
23. I get creeped out by white people with dreadlocks. I get creeped out by black dudes with perms.
24. I kind of miss the days when “thefacebook” was a secret club-like site for college folks.
25. It is a dream of mine to be the voice for a cartoon character
26. I believe Karaoke cleanses the soul.
27. The worst job I ever had was Target. Which is a shame because it used to be my favorite store.
28. Is film school worth 100K? As of right now, no.
29. I am left-handed but I wear my watch on my left hand. Everybody else wears their watch on the left hand, so I followed suit.
30. I would take a 95 degree day in Vegas/LA over a 85 degree day in Miami/The Caribbean, humidity wise.
31. I have dreams of hosting a vaudeville show. Too bad vaudeville has been dead for decades.
32. I made a pact with myself that I would try to avoid jobs that make you wear a tie.
33. Animaniacs were cool, but I was always partial to the Tiny Toons
34. It ain’t pancake syrup if ain’t Butter Pecan syrup!
35. I often wonder how my life would be different if I ever got that Erector set I wanted for Christmas.
36. “Friends” and “Arrested Development” were the most overrated sitcoms in history in my opinion.
37. When I want to cheat on my diet, I usually go to a Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s
38. Windy days make me feel giddy (in a good way).
39. History and English were my best subjects in school. Math was my worst. I liked Science, but historically I didn’t do to well in it.
40. I lied about running a mile in my high school gym class so I can pass the class. This in turn gave me the final credits I needed to graduate. If I told the truth, I wouldn’t have a high school diploma.
41. I find people who wear button down shirts with track pants fashionably inept.
42. I believe if your job requires you to wear scrubs, you should change at work. Scrubs were made to be sterile (or at least clean), says the son of a RN.
43. Coffee is gross. Coffee Coolatas are tasty.
44. I am a libertarian. But for some reason when I say that people automatically think I’m some closeted conservative guy.
45. Trivial Pursuit is my favorite board game. Kid’s Monopoly a close second. I’ve spent more hours playing Sorry, Parchesi/Ludo, Snakes&Ladders and Life, though. Life had the best CD-Rom game in the 90s
46. I hate animals. I collect ceramic turtles however.
47. I’m pretty sure I was born without a soul. Or at least the emotion of compassion.
48. I like World Music in general. I have a soft spot for J-pop, Celtic and Bhangra to name a few..
49. I thought Twitter was stupid…Until I signed up. I also think Foursquare is stupid. And it always will be.
50. I would love to own a high-rise condo overlooking the city. Which city isn’t important, although NYC, Miami or Las Vegas comes to mind.


51. I think people who celebrate “Birthday Weeks” are selfish.
52. My favorite snack cakes are Little Debbie’s Zebra Cakes and Hostess’ Cupcakes. Twinkies are cool, but they have that fatboy stigma attached to them.
53. I never operate a vehicle wearing flip-flops. It’s just not done.
54. Not a fan of either group but “Pop” and “It’s Gonna Be Me” by *NSYNC and “The Call” by the Backstreet Boys are guilty favorites of mine.
55. My skin is so sensitive; I can only use a disposable razor once.
56. I have three tattoos. I will never get one on a part of my body I can’t see.
57. I eat after dinner mints like candy. Instead of, you know a mint.
58. I prefer the terms “simple and plain” and “versa vice” over the more conventional ways.
59. Water is great. Seltzer is ok. Flat seltzer (which is just water) is gross.
60. In my book, no one “deserves” a second chance. They earn them.
61. I’m from Brooklyn. But I find egg creams pretty disgusting.
62. I like sake cold and unfiltered.
63. I never eat cookies with milk. In fact, it’s impossible for me to drink milk straight. Flavored milk? Now that’s different.
64. I love French Dip sandwiches. But for some reason Arby’s Roast Beef sandwiches are terrible.
65. I always found Streets of Rage was more enjoyable than Double Dragon
66. When I was younger I was able to stick my foot in my mouth. Seriously.
67. No longer true, when I was younger my favorite color (and flavor of Tic Tac) was orange.
68. One time I over boiled and egg and it exploded ALL OVER my kitchen. I’m talking sink, the ground, the ceiling. Everything.
69. My football career in high school lasted two weeks. I played Nose Guard and…Benchwarmer
70. I think it would be cool to be serenaded. Not like I’m a hopeless romantic or anything.
71. When I was in college, my favorite food was fried cheesecake. It was better than fried coke, I tells ya.
72. I believe in time travel. Wishful thinking I suppose
73. I was this close to being a corporate financial analyst. This close.
74. I’m not afraid of it, but skydiving doesn’t interest me.
75. I’m not afraid of it, but bungee jumping sounds cool.
76. There was a week when I seriously considered signing up for the LA Galaxy soccer fantasy camp. Couldn’t afford it, though.
77. This city boy would love to tow around town in a F-150 if I lived outside of Los Angeles.
78. I do go out of my way to put BP/Arco gasoline in my car. ExxonMobile a second choice.
79. I consider myself a Brooklyn Ambassador, quashing stereotypes and making new memories daily.
80. I make a mean hamburger at barbeques. I call it, The Floburger
81. My cousin is a DJ. I wish I became a turntablist when I was a kid.
82. My DJ cousin made a mixtape for me when I had a crush on this girl in Junior High. Creative, but it backfired.
83. I wanna learn to ride a motorcycle. Sport over Cruiser, hands down.
84. I was born on a Tuesday during the first week of summer. When I was in the crib, I used to eat ice all the time.
85. It’s a shame that kids born today won’t have their childhoods in the 90s, in my opinion the best decade for a kid, hands down.
86. I find it harder and harder to believe that people my age are getting married and having kids. What’s next? Mortgages?
87. The best way to celebrate my (hypothetical) legacy is to have a street named after me.
88. I favor vanilla over chocolate.
89. I strongly hate corduroy. Even that bear that was named Corduroy.
90. I thoroughly enjoyed the short-lived beverage Orbitz.
91. With my seven and a half years with a driver’s license, I’ve logged approximately 150,000 miles.
92. I have never been on a cruise. I want to, though.
93. I often wonder if I was either a Scottish lowlander or a member of a Mesoamerican tribe in a past life.
94. A baseball bat is my weapon of choice. Brass knuckles are my second.
95. The book, “How to be Happy, Dammit” changed my life.
96. I think less of people who can’t tell time.
97. Batman is the most overrated superhero. Ever.
98. I always keep a folded ten or twenty dollar bill in my wallet for emergencies… Or candy.
99. Don’t tell anybody, but I do wear one those new-fangled “energy bands”. They do work.
100. The easiest way to break the ice at a party? Mention my past wrestling job.

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