Flummoxed or Flabbergasted?


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Hey peoples!


Hope life is treating you well. As for me, except for my #Book5 prospects trudging along things are good! You know, writing is a wonderful thing. As writers, we are “painting” our canvas of the page with our words. More often that not, it’s how you say things that trumps what exactly is being said. I guess that’s half the fun of being a (forgive me) a “wordsmith.”

I came across a bit of quandary when i was writing a recent passage of my book that I thought I would share with you. One of my characters had something revealed to him that (for lack of a better phrase) “rocked his world.” He couldn’t believe it but also wasn’t sure why this was happening.

You see where I’m going with this.

I was put into a writer’s crossroads when I wanted to use either Flummoxed or Flabbergasted. Trust me, these words do sound a bit precocious out of context, but I feel it fit the character. Anywho, I actually stopped to weigh the merits of using one word over the other. (This also proves how susceptible I am to writer’s block) I consulted the dictionary.


Flummox (vt) : Confused

Flabbergasted (vt): To overwhelm with shock, surprise, or wonder (Merriam-Webster)

Not this guy. Ten points if you get the reference

Not this guy. Ten points if you get the reference

Truthfully my character was mixture of both, (but even I knew using both words would just be purple prose). I eventually settled with flummoxed, but the word exercise was a fun diversion. It’s funny how many words in English (we don’t use, and) say differing levels of similar concepts. Now, please do NOT use these two words interchangeably. You will come across an English major that will scold you until there’s no tomorrow. What I do suggest is to find some different ways and words to express emotions and other abstract concepts. Who knows, you might find a word you like.


Let me tell you about how I loooooove the word persnickety.




Have You Checked Out Entertainment Distilled Yet?


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If you haven’t checked out the podcast, “Entertainment Distilled,” you’re missing out! You GOTTA listen to one of the consistently “entertaining” (NSFW) podcasts around!


Available on iTunes

Click the pic!


It’s Spring!


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That’s right, it’s spring! You know what that means:


Taxes, spring cleaning, and putting away winter clothes in such a way you can still find them if it gets cold on an odd day.

Of course that doesn’t compare to jumping in rain puddles, sniffing new flowers, and fresh air doesn’t it?


It’s funny how the passage of time changes our perception on things. When I was younger, I couldn’t wait for spring. I had this aversion to overcoats, as they  made me feel as if I was the Michelin Man:

But even here he seems more mobile!

But even here he seems more mobile!

So when the temperature got warmer, it was all about showing off that new shirt you’ve had buried in your closet, waiting for its moment. While New Year’s Eve and Day were about renewal especially for people, the springtime was about nature’s own changeover. Not to wax poetic, but it’s fascinating to see the Earth go about its business in a cyclical fashion. The circle of life and all that.

And I’ll spare you my “Lion King” inspired vocals.

Since moving out to Southern California, the divisions between seasons have gotten a little hazy. Sure the “springtime” means more overcast mornings, but with the exception of January, you could argue that there’s just one big season out here. I don’t mind, it kind of plays to my fantasy about my life out here being an extended scene from a movie. And you know, unless the weather is central to the plot, it’s always 75 degrees and sunny in a movie.

I’m planning on not letting this spring go to waste. As you may already know, I keep two bucket lists on my computer: One for life (or the “overall” Bucket List) and one for the year (i.e. Things to do in 2014). I think it’s the perfect time to handle some of the yearly bucket list items. Hmm, where am I going to find a jetpack? ;-)


The Curious Case Of Netflix


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What’s up people?


Like most of you tech-savvy people out there, I subscribe to the digital streaming service, Netflix. Honestly, I would have been a holdout if not for a promotion with my airline loyalty program for frequent flier miles. Netflix has had the last laugh, as I’ve been a member for three years since. Though the library is constantly in flux (and such, it gets harder or easier to recommend the service to someone else) I do like the fact it’s one of the few acceptable defenses you can offer someone when they ask you if you have cable.

“No, but I have Netflix.”

Now available at all Blockbuster locations!

Now available at all Blockbuster locations!


Since the service isn’t free and I do have automatic payments set up every month, I make it a habit to watch anywhere from 1-3 movies (or television episodes) a month no matter how busy I am. You know I have to get my money’s worth, right?

Over the past year or so, I feel as if movies I would be interested in have been appearing few and far between. I am not ragging on the content (because let’s face it, nobody put a gun to my head to join) but it’s been a challenge to find my requisite flicks a month.

Sometimes I would stumble upon the digital streaming equivalent of those $2 DVDs you see at the gas station. You know the ones. The movies you are pretty sure you wouldn’t get caught dead watching but you still take the time to check out the box. With Netflix, pressing the play button is just like checking out that box, and with it, comes mounds of regret.

I’ve seen bad car movies, “comedies” that seem to take liberties with the word, and flicks that would be considered softcore porn in my day, but it doesn’t stop me. I keep searching, like the glutton for punishment that I am.

But what about Netflix that turns us into people that would sample anything if we are bored enough? We don’t see that happen at a store like Costco. You pay Costco an admission fee just like Netflix, and even though we may nibble on a sample, we don’t come out hauling TVs because we were “bored.”


As a writer, I wish people had that same fortitude to sample things because they have access to them. I know that Amazon has something called the Kindle lending library, which is available to its Prime subscribers. Perhaps in the future a Netflix for books can really catch on this country. At the very least, we can all say:

“No I don’t have cable. I read books.”



#Book5 Update


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Hey everyone!


My goal to have have my fifth book done (and by “done” I meant ideally on sale, but will settle for a first draft) is moving a little slower than usual. My second novel, the one I’ve spent months pecking at, has become the longest writing experience of my life.

I’m not sure how I feel about that.


Not to compare styles, but I think my writing method was more like legendary Bond author, Ian Flemming. Flemming would rise after sunup (usually from his Caribbean estate in Jamaica) and write. After a meal and some hours spent birdwatching, he would continue to write in the late afternoon to sundown. Each Bond novel took him about six weeks to actually write after planning.

My first novel was a NaNoWriMo entry, so I basically had no choice than to write multiple times a day. My second novel, (which eventually got tossed out) took me a little longer, but still could have been measured in weeks, not months.


#Book5, as I’ve come to call it on Twitter, is hitting upon it’s sixth month in production and there truly is no ending in sight. Sure, it isn’t a race and other authors like George R.R. Martin are notorious for taking their time, but I still wish I can make that buggy move a little faster.

If you say so Internet Meme graphic that tries to inspire...

If you say so Internet Meme graphic that tries to inspire…


I find that picture funny because sometimes I feel like no one reads my stuff anyway *rimshot*

But the point of this update is to let you know, and by extension hold myself accountable, that #Book5 WILL be completed at some point. I don’t want to make it my “Chinese Democracy” or “Detox”. Ten points if you get those references.


Anyway back to procrastinating…er…writing!







Happy St. Patty’s Day


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Happy St. Patty’s day! Here’s hoping you eat and drink copious amounts of food that is simultaneously green AND not spoiled!

Free Sample: Man At Work


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Hey y’all, below is a poem that originally appeared in my Mass Transit collection. It’s called “Man at Work.” I’m sure we’ve all known a song and dance man at some point in our lives. Enjoy!

“Man At Work”

Song and dance man
Everybody’s clown
Working and performing
For carnival-goers of all ages

Song and dance man
Taking the Midnight Local
From Chattanooga to The French Quarter
His home is on his back
His family photographs in his wallet

Song and dance man
Entertain the children
Who are the hardest to by far
Play the song people strain to remember
Your costume is part of the show
Too bad it is worn beyond repair

Song and dance man
Most nights without rest
Living life by rail
From Kalamazoo to Biloxi
Selling joy in exchange for food

Song and dance man
A living legend around these parts
Until he dies
Just as easily forgotten.


Ten Things I Want To Do Before I Die


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Hey hey!

As I reach the end of my quarterlife crisis, I reckon there’s still things I would like to get done before I kick the bucket. I’ve realized that this is a never ending list because as soon as you complete one bullet, another one takes it’s place. That said:


1. I would like to visit Scotland, Tokyo, Sydney, and Lisbon

2. Learn to ride a motorcycle before I become that old guy trying to learn to ride a motorcycle.

3. Eradicate “awesome” and “random” from my vocabulary.

4. Become influential enough that something is named in my honor (even if it’s a sandwich)

For those of you on a diet. (From http://www.triumf.ca)

For those of you on a diet. (From http://www.triumf.ca)

5. Stay in a penthouse suite or villa for more than a night in a major city.

6. Create/star in own talk/variety show (For TV/Web/Community Access)

7. Write/Co-create a graphic novel

8. Road trip in an RV (A short term tour may be fun)

9. My own Wikipedia page (That sticks, because they don’t let you keep anything up when you’re a nobody!)

10. Become a bestselling author.



A man can dream, right?

Check Me On Instagram!


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Hey everyone!

Did you know I’m on Instagram?! True story.  Check me out @flobito, and witness such gems as:




The Dead Of Winter


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Whattup peoples!


If you’re like me, you’ve probably had your fill of Valentine’s Day candy by now. For that, I say don’t worry, there’s plenty of more holidays and their related candies where that come from. While stores are stocking shelves for Easter (or St. Patty’s Day) there is a bit of a lull on the “celebrating holidays” front.

What we have instead is the dead of winter. Sounds ominous, huh?

Growing up in a city that had that had true winters (as opposed this spring day stuff Southern California calls “winter”), the dead of winter was no joke. In fact, I used to liken winter to a out of town relative that overstayed their welcome. When December rolls around we all love winter. Winter Wonderland this, and White Christmas that. Then after New Year’s Day, we start to wonder how long this cold weather thing is going to last. By the time we make it to February, we all long for vacations to places that flirt with the equator.

Not that kind of "flirt," silly

Not that kind of “flirt,” silly

The thing about being inundated with the cold for so long is that you stay indoors all the time. It doesn’t sound so great if you tend to suffer from cabin fever, but this could be the right time to work on a project or two that would have pushed to the backburner otherwise. Got that 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzle that your grandma gave you for the holidays? Set it up! Got that Great American Novel idea? Write it down! Always been meaning to create an original cocktail? By Jove, it’s high time you did it!

Well whatever the reason, it beats going outside. Especially if mother nature is doing one of those horizontal sleet, freezing rain type of numbers. I mean seriously, what is that?


So take the reigns this dead of winter. I hope you do great things


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